interior doors, bathtubs, bathroom sinks, wallpapers

Inner beauty for your home – with us, you will easily fall in love with every room in your house!
We would like to present to you, some of our most wanted, high quality products.

Elegant interior doors

Privacy & elegance for you family members – doors are important element of your home. They should match up & complement the rest of the interior.
Our well design collection will certainly make your rooms more exceptional in everyday use.

aesthetic bathtubs

Who said that bathtubs should be boring & all look alike? Different shapes, sizes & colors. Pick one up, to match your bathroom & your aesthetics.

beautiful wallpapers

We are living proof, that wallpapers are not passe. Not only that, they can definitely be a piece of art. Forget about boring, wholesales pictures with frames. Check out our wallpaper collection &… let there be art!

modern, simple bathroom sinks design

Smaller, bigger, wider, narrower, regular shape or something else? Our bathroom sinks will be pleasure for your eyes & more. Unique design, functionality & easy clean surface.

astonishing kitchen cabinets

In every home, kitchen is a special place, not only for cooking. Family breakfasts, afternoon gathering with your friends or just a quick snack – it’s the heart of your house. Keeping that in mind, it should be not only functional, but also well designed & comfortable to spend time in it. 


Made with high quality wood & minimalistic, geometric design, wooden wallart from Calidream will make your interior more warm & cozy.

door hardware

Cherry on the top of your door